As a solutions provider, the Trilogy Group believes it is far better to chose certain market sectors and understand them in depth than be a “generalist” software vendor to a wider audience.

We believe that acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of the business processes, issues and idiosyncrasies of the markets we service is essential to providing software to maximize your return on investment.

Trilogy employs specialist analysts with years of experience for each of our main market sectors.  The analysts attend seminars, meet and discuss with people involved in their specialist industries so that they may provide guidance and direction to our software programmers for future ideas and developments.

This ensures our software products have the required relevant leading edge functionality to provide our customers with a crucial advantage over their competitors.



Trilogy provides a range of software to meet the complex demands of the publishing and related book industries.


Trilogy provides software for compliance planning from the creation of monitoring plans and sample collection schedules to laboratory management and reporting.

Mail Order

Trilogy provides a range of software designed to help companies that sell products by multi-channel mail order.

Risk Management

Trilogy provides online risk management software solutions and online CPD certified training modules.


Trilogy provides rights management software for media production and distribution companies, to help manage their catalogue, sales and participation accounting.

IT Services

Trilogy offers a full range of professional services to support implementations and the ongoing use of software and hardware.