Organising field sampling and monitoring programmes and analysing the result data carries a heavy administrative burden. There is legislative pressure driving more and more requirements on the environmental scientist to provide a traceable audit from the planning of collections to the reporting of result data.  Customers are demanding more immediate and detailed reporting. Consultants need to know how much a work parcel will cost them.

In response to this market trend, Trilogy has produced a software system that will organize a field programme and automate administrative tasks.

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The heart of the system is TAPS – a workflow driven software package will automate the administrative tasks of running a field programme, including the creation of work schedules, calculate bottle requirements, log field collections and result data, pre-register samples in a laboratory and publish statutory or customer reports. The system provides a full electronic audit trail with checks to ensure compliance that all tasks have been completed within the permitted collection date rules

To provide a complete digital chain of custody, various electronic interfaces have been provided.

There is an interface to HAND for field data collection using a PDA, an export facility to pre-register laboratory samples and an interface to an environmental data warehouse such as EQuIS or Monitor Pro.

The package is provided either as stand-alone affordable desktop PC software for the independent environmental scientist or alternatively as a client-server networked version for larger organisations with sampling teams.

It is suitable for both consultants conducting one-off site investigations as well companies or agencies involved in regular or interval monitoring programmes.


Reduce the administration for creating plans

Whether one-off remedial sampling or regular monitoring is required, new projects are easy and quick to set up in TAPS. New work can be slotted into the existing plan to ensure sensible geographical rounds. If the work is commercial, job numbers and contract values can be assigned allowing the manager to view the status of a customer’s project.


Automate or even eliminate the production of paperwork

There is always a high administration overhead in the planning and running a field programme. This would include organizing samplers, printing bottle labels and round instructions, producing invoices and field reports and transposing handwritten field result data. TAPS automates these tasks. With the electronic interface to laboratory and data warehouse a full digital chain of custody is created.


Accurate Reporting for Authors

Ensures you collect all required samples within the date permitted by the rules. Calendar views display a snapshot of the current status at a glance. Immediately identifies missing or failed to collect samples.


Resource Planning

Calculates manpower requirements and costs for estimations and invoicing.