HAND is the mobile data collection solution designed to support the TAPS sample planning and scheduling system.

Data collection through the use of hand-held devices offers an attractive alternative to paper.

A schedule of work and round data is created in TAPS and downloaded to the hand-held terminal. The sampler can then enter on-site data directly into HAND for storage until the device is placed into the docking station in sample reception. Data is then electronically transferred to TAPS.

With the addition of ConnectSmart, Sample collection jobs can be delivered in real-time to sampling offices via Smartphone’s such as Google Android and Apple iOS devices and are integrated with Google Coordinate and Google Maps

The system provides for automatic data entry, date & time stamping and on-site validation. HAND’s simple operation reduces time delays and minimises errors as well as providing a digital chain of custody.




Reduce Re-sampling

Hand written results can be illegible – especially on rainy days. HAND clearly displays results while checking the value to ensure the result data entered is within reasonable limits. The process ensures the sampler gets it right first time.


Electronic Audit Trail

Regulations and enforcement become tougher every year. By using HAND you can have a complete digital chain of custody from the formation of the plan to collection and entry of laboratory results. Locations can be bar coded or GPS technology employed to confirm the position and time of sampling.


Increased Efficiency in the Field

By using modem connections, the work schedule can be changed while the sampler is in the field thus avoiding repeat visits. Furthermore, the sampler does not have to go to an office to pick up their work schedule.


Early Escalation of Field Problem

Analytical ranges can be activated in HAND including sample point specific tolerances. If field result data is outside of a permitted analytical range, an immediate warning is given to allow for early escalation or re-sampling.