TIME is the final building block in the water quality process and provides the business with a strategic and forward-looking Business Intelligence solution to allow compliance reporting to European, USA and South African regulations. The functionality provided is designed to provide the complete drinking water reporting requirements:

Statutory Water Quality Requirements

This specifically covers the statutory report requirements as outlined in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations of 1990 and 1999. These reports include the production of the reports for the Regulatory Authorities and the production of associated comma separated ASCII files. All statutory Water Quality reports are covered from the most basic, through to more complex reports such as those for Cryptosporidium.
For the USA, The following EPA reports have been supplied: Consumer Confidence Report, Title 22 and Chain of Custody.

Operational Reporting Requirements

This covers the major operational reporting requirements and includes the many, varied and dynamic ways of looking at the “quality” information required by a modern utility or quality business.




Provides statutory environmental reporting

Automates the production of the statutory reports for the drinking water authorities in Europe, USA and South Africa.


Data on Demand

TIME means you can always find the answer to whatever question is asked about your field programme or labaoratory analysis. Even if you do not have the required report, you can find the required information in seconds without the need of an IT department to design a report format.


Operate in the Field

An option for web based ad-hoc reporting can be provided allowing authorised personnel to design reports or retrieve the answers from your data from anywhere in the world.


Satisfy your Customers and your Management

Having retrieved the data, TIME allows a range of advanced formatting options to create a display to your management or your customer’s specific design.


Security of Data

Password encryption, password rollover based on a time limit and password history are provided so only authorised personnel can access reports or view certain parameters.