TAPS provides environmental companies and consultants who have sample collection field teams, with the ability to schedule and organise their fieldwork.

TAPS manages the plan and creates paperwork for field staff. This includes all the instructions for the sampler on where to go and what to do, along with bottle labels and chain of custody reports, if required.

Samples can be pre-registered in the laboratory either by fax or electronically by emailing a file.

Once the samplers return from the field, bottles can be counted in using bar code scanners, field result data can be entered and checked against analytical limits and any ‘failures to collect’ can be rescheduled.

To see a demonstration movie about SITE TAPS for site investigations, click here.

To see a demonstration movie about work scheduling using TAPS for interval sampling, click here.




Reduce Administration and Paperwork

TAPS will save you management time and administration effort by producing all the required paperwork and bottle labels for your field team as well as automating the pre-registration of laboratory samples.


Organise the Workforce

TAPS stores the samplers’ holidays and working hours to ensure work is correctly assigned. Estimates of sampler workload are displayed allowing for workload smoothing of the sampling team.


Plan for the Unplanned

Sampling or monitoring work can be easily re-assigned or re-scheduled in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Unexpected collections or field tests can be entered into TAPS. If the sampler was unable to collect or monitor, this event can be re-scheduled as a high priority.


Prioritise Collections

Collections can be prioritised dependent on how close the event is to the frequency rule cut-off date when a collection is obligatory. Low priority samples can be added to a round sheet in the event the sampler has spare time.


Management Control

With a range of graphical views and informative reports, missing samples, outstanding work for a customer and staff resources can be efficiently tracked and managed.