The Trilogy Group have been providing an innovative range of software products and services supporting water and environmental compliance since 1985.

TAPS provides companies and consultants with environmental or sample collection field teams, the ability to plan collections, create optimised sampler rounds, print bottle labels, estimate workload and cost, conduct monitoring and on-site tests, enter result data and produce output for sample pre-registration at a laboratory. Both multi user Enterprise and single user Desktop versions of TAPS are available.

The product has been developed through forging close working partnerships with a number of companies that focus on water sampling and environmental monitoring to ensure the suitability of the product for compliance programmes.

Trilogy’s ISO9001 certification ensures a quality solution.




Save Management & Administration Time

There is always a high administration overhead in the planning and running of a field programme. This would include organising samplers, printing bottle labels and round instructions, sorting bottles into the correct crates for shipment to the laboratory and transposing handwritten field result data. TAPS automates these tasks and also provides routines to import data from existing systems.


Ensure Compliance to the Plan

TAPS will ensure you collect all required samples within the dates permitted by the rules. Calendar views will display any missing samples at a glance. The pull forward facility coupled with an escalating collection priority ensures samples are not left to the last possible day to be collected.


Optimise Field Work

Smoothing the field staffs’ workload, optimising routes, grouping collections between geographically close locations, allowing samples to be taken for a variety of purposes by the same sampler and intelligent insertion of ad hoc collections ensures a significant cost saving in your field programme.


Automate Laboratory Pre-Registration

TAPS has an export and import facility to further reduce your administration. New sites, locations and analysis can be imported from Excel and schedules can be electronically exported to a laboratory for pre-registration and bottle delivery.