With the Head Office in the UK, offices in the USA and an off-shore operation in South Africa, Trilogy has focused on delivering:


Publishing Software Solutions

Publishing Manager
The Trilogy Publishing Manager system is the result of many years work and the application of significant experience gained by individuals from within Trilogy and through listening to our users. The product has been developed through forging close working partnerships with a number of publishers and multi-channel companies to ensure the suitability of the product for a wide range of businesses.

Title Manager
Title Management covers Contributor Management, Editorial, Product, Production Costing/Scheduling, Rights and Royalties functionality and manages the development of a book from concept to production. You can control acquisitions, author contracts, rights and royalties from a single database.

Mail Order Software Solutions

Commerce Manager
The Trilogy Group provide a range of software and services for multi-channel mail order companies with one overriding aim: To allow you to make more profit by reducing inefficiencies, to produce a significant increase in sales by improved marketing and a personalised service to ensure customer retention. The Commerce Manager system is the result of many years work and the application of significant experience gained by individuals from within Trilogy.



Media Software Solutions

Media Manager
Trilogy Media Manager provides media production and distribution companies with a rights management platform from which to manage their catalogue, sales and participation accounting. Media Manager is designed for all international rights management including Television and Film distribution, Video, Format sales and all ancillary rights.

Environmental Software Solutions

Field Programme Management
Organising field sampling and monitoring programmes and analysing the result data carries a heavy administrative burden. There is legislative pressure driving more and more requirements on the environmental scientist to provide a traceable audit from the planning of collections to the reporting of result data. Customers are demanding more immediate and detailed reporting. Consultants need to know how much a work parcel will cost them.

Risk Management Software Solutions

Health & Safety Smart
Accident Reporting Smart


IT Services - Solutions

IT Services
The Trilogy Group offers a full range of professional services to support implementations and the ongoing use of software and hardware. These include: Application Support, Facilities Management, Project Management, Software Development and IT Business Support Services.

Supporting these vertical markets, Trilogy has developed skills in delivering Business Intelligence solutions and Strategic Planning services to the wider business marketplace. We provide applications and integrated services that:

  • Appropriately utilise leading edge technologies
  • Provide very high levels of customer service
  • Are fully integrated and extremely effective


To achieve this, we have built a highly committed and customer focused team that aims to ensure that our actions exceed our customers’ expectations. When working with Trilogy, we become part of your team, and together we will make IT happen.