Trilogy Media Manager provides media production and distribution companies with a rights management platform from which to manage their catalogue, sales and participation accounting.

Media Manager is designed for all international rights management including Television and Film distribution, Video, Format sales and all ancillary rights.

A range of automated interfaces to other applications (i.e. General Ledger and the Web) as well as a special level of support from Trilogy consultants is provided for Media Manager customers.

With the application based on an industry standard database, located on a central server, Media Manager can manage a large and growing catalogue with the minimum of administration.





Catalogue Of Rights

Availability reports can be displayed or printed by media, area and language. Media Manager can be used by anyone with the granted authority on a company’s network or from a remote site using Terminal Services. The system allows managers and sales staff to work from any location either inside or outside the company’s premises.


Contract Processing

With a built-in user defined workflow schedule, managers can define and track catalogue availability and distribution contracts from deal memo to invoicing.


Sales Ledger

Media Manager allows deal memo, contract and invoice printing direct from the database including customer specific terms and conditions. This multi-currency module ensures complete financial tracking.


Materials Supply

The Materials Supply module is a complete inventory and shipping control system. It also manages all master materials, duplication requests and order fulfilment.


System Maintenance

System Maintenance defines your organisation and operational environment. This tracks the countries and territories where you do business.


Full Support Package

Media Manager is provided with a full support package. This includes installation consultancy, data migration, training, free upgrades and unlimited phone, email and remote support from a staffed help desk.