The Catalogue of Rights module houses the product library, the participants and their revenue share per territory/method and the rights acquired. This sets the base for the availability report.

This module is designed to fit all international rights distribution scenarios including explicit rights available, rights that are negotiable and rights explicitly withheld. Rights data is backed up by narrative allowing a logical check.

Exploitation methods (e.g. Free Terrestrial TV or Format) are user defined allowing customers to match the system to their business practices.

Rights areas, based on ISO standard country codes, are user defined into any group required, including satellite footprint, broadcaster area or sales executive.




Exploit Your Rights

Control your catalogue, know and exploit your rights to the fullest potential. The Catalogue of Rights module stores and sorts your catalogue by Genre, Type, Library or Owner.


Catalogue Control

The product library is controlled using created dates, release dates and an active flag. The Catalogue of Rights module stores ‘Indexed’ notes allowing centralised Synopses, Cast Notes, Production Notes or any other catalogue data your business requires with output to an ‘on-demand’ catalogue.


Catalogue Integration

The core of the Catalogue of Rights module is an open data resource allowing your centralised catalogue data to link to your printed catalogues, image bank and website.


Full Support Package

Media Manager is provided with a full support package. This includes installation consultancy, data migration, training, free upgrades and unlimited phone, email and remote support from a staffed help desk.