The Materials Supply module controls your supply chain, integrating seamlessly with the Contract Processing module.

The Materials Supply module holds your material catalogue storing location, type and specifications.

Integration with your contracting allows for close management and tracking of every material request.

Centralised processing allows your material staff to get on with the job and all other staff to interrogate the system as to whether that urgent delivery was sent.




Manage Your Materials

Manage your materials and know the status of every delivery requirement.


Specific Deliveries

The Materials Supply module logs material requests allowing sales staff to set specific delivery dates.


Library Control

Know your resource of master material and locations.


Integrated Materials Requests

The Materials Supply module prints delivery requests and tracks airway bill numbers allowing your customer to be updated every step of the way.


Track Shipping

The Materials Supply module tracks all delivered material, allowing for management of on-shipments and stock taking.


Full Support Package

Media Manager is provided with a full support package. This includes installation consultancy, data migration, training, free upgrades and unlimited phone, email and remote support from a staffed help desk.