Trilogy has been working on TAPS Release 3.0 for many months and it is now ready for general release.

TAPS Release 3.0 contains a significant number of improvements and enhancements and a couple of optional new features. TAPS 3.0 will also be available in a desktop single user format using the Microsoft MSDE database as well as the full client/server Enterprise version.

The calendar facility has been improved to make visual ‘drop & drag’ modifications and refinements of your pre-schedules even easier.

TAPS 3.0 includes a new ‘workflow’ facility. This allows the user to navigate around the system using a graphical interface which can be configured by the user to reflect their own business processes.




Desktop Version

TAPS Desktop is a single user version of the Planning & Scheduling Application. It run on the Microsoft MSDE database and is intended for consultants who require a lighter and more portable version of the software.


Calendar Facilities

An improved Alignment Calendar has been provided allowing for displays by a wide range of different queries. These include by date ranges, by site, by customer and by analysis. Results can be grouped by site, location, purpose code or pre- schedule. Additional colour coding can graphically highlight missing or non-completed samples.


Pre-schedule Cloning

Having set up a pre-schedule for one location, you can select a group of other locations and replicate the pre-schedule. A choice is given on whether to align the collection dates of the clones.


Multiple Purpose Codes (Optional)

The system will allow definition of multiple purpose codes for an analysis within the same pre-schedule.


Increased Security (Optional)

Password encryption, password rollover based on a time limit and password history can be optionally provided.