Althorp Literary Festival 2007

Trilogy announces continued sponsorship for the Althorp Literary Festival for a third year. Our sponsored author in 2006 was Kate Adie who gave a fasinating talk on ‘Foundlings’.

We are please to announce that Trilogy will be sponsoring Charles Spencer this year.

Trilogy Group Managing Director, Alex Dare commented: “We are proud to have been in that the start of what we believe will become a premier event on the literary calendar”, “Last year was again a fantastic social event for both customers and prospects alike”.

Authors for 2007 event include.

Simon Sebag Montefiore – Young Stalin
Oliver James – Affluenza: How to be Successful and Stay Sane
Clive Stafford-Smith – Bad Men: Guantánamo Bay and the Secret Prisons
John Adamson – The English Civil War
Ronnie Corbett – And it’s Goodnight from Him
Kate and Greg Mosse – Labyrinth and Secrets of the Labyrinth
The Greatest Monarch Debate
: Alison Weir, Justin Pollard and Martyn Downer – chaired by Charles Spencer
Johnnie Walker – The Autobiography
Joanne Harris – The Lollipop Shoes
Sarah Bradford – Diana

About Althorp

ALTHORP has been home to the Spencer family for nearly 500 years and the introduction of a festival of Literature is entirely in keeping with the history and heritage of the House. George John, Second Earl Spencer built up a library which was one of the finest private collections of books inEurope. Although not simply a classical collection, it was extraordinarily rare and included Papal Letters of Indulgence from 1452, the first edition of the ‘Mazarin’ Bible of 1455, the Mentz Psalter of 1457 and 57 original Caxton Bibles.

Althorp contains a fascinating variety of pictures, furniture and ceramics, as well as boasting some exquisite interiors. Like many great country houses, it has benefited from the collecting of generations of occupants. The Spencers’ collection of portraits is particularly fine and as a record of a family and of English portraiture, it is outstanding. The roll-call of names – Rubens, Van Dyck, Reynolds, Gainsborough – is familiar to everyone.

In the decorative arts, from carpets to candelabra, there is much that reflects the enthusiasms and idiosyncrasies of their collectors. Similarly, the house itself is not the product of any one period, but has changed constantly over the years. The true medium for harmony, however, has been the house’s continual ownership and occupation by the same family for nineteen generations.