New Data Capture and Personalisation

For companies that wish to collect data during sales order processing for the personalisation and manufacture of their products can now use this new feature within the Customer Services module of the Commerce Manager.

Data Capture

The data capture feature allows the call centre operator to collect data from customer pertaining to the supply.  For example if you were selling personalised cakes, the data required could be a message, the name of recipient and the occasion.

The system allows you to configure an unlimited number of input fields.

Message Templates

Multiple message templates using the data capture entries can also be configured so that wording on the personalised item or on a gift message can be swiftly entered in sales order processing.

Personalisation Options

Having collected the data, the operator can then process a variety of options for the goods. Again taking the cake example, options could include toppings, colour of message, fillings and size. Each of these options may or may not carry additional charges.

Once the order is completed, the details can be printed on a worksheet for the production of the goods.

The facility is being presently used by BelArto in Nottingham for the production of wedding stationary.