We can provide full project planning and management at strategic and tactical levels.  Planning, building, installation, testing, training and change management are implemented to provide and deliver a complete solution.

A project typically begins with the appointment of a Trilogy project co-ordinator who will interface and assist the customer’s appointed project leader.  The project co-ordinator:

  • will take responsibility throughout the project for ensuring that all Trilogy and third party obligations are met. For example that hardware is delivered on time and works, training is provided at the right time – to the right people – with the right content, bespoke software is not only completed on-time but has been adequately tested and documented.
  • will identify and allocate the appropriate resources from within Trilogy or third parties necessary to support implementation.
  •  should be recognised as a full member of the project team and will want to be involved in all of the project control mechanisms – project meetings, steering group meetings, etc


Installation & Configuration

All aspects of installation and commissioning are available from Trilogy to meet specific project requirements. This includes:

  • Supervision of hardware installation and associated network infrastructure
  • Loading of operating software
  • Installation of application software and databases


Commissioning and User Acceptance

Trilogy expects customers to undergo a rigorous user acceptance phase as part of the implementation plan. To help customers Trilogy consultants are available to assist with this testing process.