The subscription system provides a powerful, integrated solution giving a common customer database for subscribers, customers or members. The subscription records are treated as entities in their own right and may consist of any number of product records.

The system also provides standing order management which allows a collection of items to be sold to groups of customers without having to key the individual sales manually, whilst observing the individual terms of trade for each customer.

For more details, please phone Alex Dare in the UK office on +44(0)1242 222132 or email

For North America please phone Dennis Butler at 1-888-269-0535 or email or visit




Easy Management of Subscriptions and Standing Orders

Quick creation of new subscriptions, together with ability to search and view existing subscriptions and their subscribers.


Automated Label Production

Labels are produced automatically for you when you are ready to dispatch your subscriptions.


Stock/Inventory Checks

Full or part stock/inventory checks can be carried out, with or without the use of hand-held data capture devices.


Third Party Subscriptions Management

If you act as a subscriptions agent and source your subscriptions from a third party, the system will automatically create purchase orders ready for you to send to your supplier.


Manage the Renewals Process

Comprehensive renewals management, with grace periods, reminder chasing and in-coming payment handling.



Powerful multiple product matching for continuity order plans.