This module not only maintains your customers and prospects, but also all contacts associated with running your business such as trade customers, suppliers, shippers, agents, authors, etc.

The system provides rapid, extensive search and retrieval facilities for both individual customers and “categorized” groups.

From the customer record, all customer related information is available, e.g. invoice & payment history, orders and back orders, purchasing trends, subscription and standing order information, etc.

From either an individual customer record or from a list of customers, you can merge with Microsoft Word to create a letter, send an e-mail, produce mailing labels or export the data.

For more details, please phone Alex Dare in the UK office on +44(0)1242 222132 or email

For North America please phone Dennis Butler at 1-888-269-0535 or email or visit




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Data centralization

Rather than having data about your organization’s customers and contacts held in disparate databases, data is brought together in one place making access by the whole company so much easier.


Rapid searches

A wide variety of search criteria is available enabling you to find your customers quickly.


Focused search screens

There are 3 different search screens offering criteria appropriate for accounting, order processing and marketing personnel.


Easy communication

Contacts can be mailed direct from Trilogy, (with names and address details merged into Word) emailed or the data exported to Excel.


Customer relationship

Customer profiling is built up by the sales history, with the ability to add additional interests and keywords manually to individuals or groups.