Improve employee productivity and streamline your distribution process with efficient sales order processing that gives you more control over your business processes.

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We improved employee productivity and streamlined our distribution process with efficient sales order processing with the Trilogy Customer Services module.


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Manage Customers Effectively

Build better customer relationships and increase customer retention with invoicing and distribution capabilities that speed inquiries and reduce errors.


Increase Office Productivity

Improve employee effectiveness and speed through invoice entry in a single window, with the ability to view all orders, invoices, back orders and returns in one location.


Access to Essential Information

The information you need is available instantly, customizable to your business needs, with easy drill-down facilities to additional information.


Multi-Outlet Functionality

Whether you have mail order, trade or retail sales they can all be handled through a single integrated system.


Increase sales

Track and manage potential customers as prospects allowing you to expand your customer base and increase sales.



Cross-sell/up-sell options and sell or rent options.