The Trilogy solution maintains key production information dates, keeping all parties informed of their necessary roles and responsibilities, enhancing the overall production process.

The scheduling functionality is highly configurable and includes alerts where events change, and maintains both the original and the changed schedule history.

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Flexible Templates

Flexible templates provide the ability to pre-define standard projects containing unlimited task groups which can contain unlimited project tasks.


Project Plans

Project plans can be created from pre-defined templates (and modified for a specific project) or created as one-off projects. Projects have unlimited task groups which can contain unlimited project tasks.


Project Tasks

Project tasks contain the description, duration, cost and resource (internal or supplier) information. Project tasks can be grouped together for convenience and presentation and can be easily reordered within their groups.


Task Costs

Task cost contain original estimates, current estimates and actual costs. Tasks can be linked to suppliers/vendors and directly to purchase orders. Nominal/general ledger codes can be allocated at task level.


Project Updates

Project progress can be updated with revised dates, percentage completion and unlimited notes. Project updates are automatically recorded in a log against a specific user and date/time stamped.