Many publishing companies also sell over the web. Adopting the Trilogy Publishing Manager, the mail order, retail and web site is seamlessly integrated so that promotions, special deals, pricing, customer and order details, product delivery, fulfillment and email shipping confirmations are all controlled by one unified system.

The Trilogy Publishing Manager can be integrated to existing web sites, a new web site with your preferred web designer or Trilogy can provide a complete web and back office package.

For more details, please phone Alex Dare in the UK office on +44(0)1242 222132 or email

For North America please phone Dennis Butler at 1-888-269-0535 or email or visit




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Reduce Sales Administration

Automatically downloading orders from the web site and sending them directly to fulfillment ensures an efficient operation.


Customer Incentives

Special promotions and deals can be set up in Trilogy’s Marketing module and sent to the web site. If the customer has seen the promotion, they can enter the code and the promotion prices or offer will be displayed. Otherwise the standard prices will be shown.


Improve Customer Services

Email confirmations can be automated upon receipt of the order in the warehouse and upon shipment.


Meeting the Customers' Delivery Expectations

Stock delivery is often dynamic and is maintained in Trilogy’s Stock module. Rules can be set so if an item is out of stock the delivery time displayed on the web site is increased for that specific product.


Reduce Web Maintenance Costs

Product descriptions, images, delivery and prices can be maintained in Trilogy’s Stock module. Any product changes can be made without the need of a web designer and automatically published so you only have to maintain one master database for your call centre, web sales and catalogue production needs.