Trilogy’s Title Management system provides for the creation of contracts with contributors, whether they be original authors, illustrators or even narrators.  The system can create a contract using mail merge processes with Microsoft Word and signed contracts can be scanned in, stored and re-displayed from the contract record.

The contributor record offers facilities to store full bibliographic details including pictures of the contributor for subsequent use in press releases and other marketing material.

All details of the rights bought in as part of the contract are created and maintained both for use in contract management and for subsequent control of the royalty managememt processes.

For more details, please phone Alex Dare in the UK office on +44(0)1242 222132 or email

For North America please phone Dennis Butler at 1-888-269-0535 or email or visit


Click here to view our Title Manager Overview.pdf


Consistent Information

Contributor management provides one source of consistant information within the company. Updates can be made in one place and made available throughout the orgainsation.


Locating Resources

Contributors can be searched to locate specific types resources using flexible search criteria. Contributor experience and skills can be included in search to identify appropriate people for tasks such a reviews.



Emails and letters (using mailmerge to Microsoft Word) can be produced to individual or selected groups of contributors.