To ensure your operation complies with government environmental regulations, TAPS software will allow you to meet your obligations as well as optimize the efficiency of your environmental field staff.  TAPS can be used for a single plant using the desktop version, up to multi-country, multi-site operations with the software delivered on an network.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Fast initial set-up of new regulations
  • Creates an optimized plan, minimizing travel time for field staff
  • Assigns work to samplers or monitoring staff
  • Allows alternative locations to be chosen on-site if the planned location is closed
  • Calculates field staff workload. Estimates time to complete a round
  • Includes non-monitoring work such as equipment maintenance or even due reports
  • Produces required paperwork, chain of custody, round instructions, bottle labels etc.
  • Tracks costs
  • Missing samples or work is easily and quickly identified
  • Automatically pre-registers samples in the laboratory – either your own LIMS or a contract laboratory
  • Stores both field and laboratory result data
  • Provides a full digital chain of custody
  • Review and copy facility for the complete plan for future years or time periods
  • Translation tables for non-English languages


Options include the TAPS Business Intelligence system which will allow you to create, design and print either ad hoc reports or reports specifically your regulator’s requested format.

HAND is an option for mobile computing. HAND is a hand held PDA, provided for round instructions and entry of on-site test results allowing a complete digital chain of custody.

STAR is a route mapping option and can be interfaced to an ESRI geographical information system for route optimization.

Trilogy has teamed up with Earthsoft Inc, USA and Environmental Simulations International in Europe to provide an interface to the EQuIS environmental data warehouse.

The system is available in two optional configurations:

  • Desktop¬†
    Affordable software running stand-alone on a PC
  • Enterprise
    Networked solution based on SQL server or Oracle


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