Mail order companies selling clothing have a number of special requirements from a software system different to other mail order businesses.

Product Set-up

The most obvious difference for clothing mail order is to allow the user to set up a product for a range of colours and sizes.  The Commerce Manager will allow the creation of products in a colour / size matrix using simple “Wizard” led steps.

Using the personalisation facility, you can set up an unlimited matrix of choices including personalized printing options (e.g. tee-shirts with a personal message)

Other clothing related issues such as Style or Brand can also be stored in the stock module as well as unlimited number of picture images.

Fashion items often has a limited supply of items to sell.  Once the stock is exhausted, no further orders can be taken.  The Commerce Manager will allow you to input the rule that if there is no further stock, no additional orders can be taken.  By using associated stock records, sale staff can then be prompted to offer suggested alternatives in sales order processing.

Sales Order Processing

A typical question during telephone sales is whether the item is in stock.  If the item is not in stock, then the Commerce Manager will show the sale person which related items are available in a matrix (e.g. colour / size).   If you operate shops or multiple outlets, the stock holdings at each location will be displayed.  The operator can optionally assign distribution from another location if required.

It is sometime handy for the sales staff to be able to view what items, size and colour the customer previously ordered while they are on the phone.  This can be viewed extremely quickly with a display of past customer orders.

Customer Services

Returns are often an issue with clothing companies. The Commerce Manager allows swift processing of returns and substitutions.  The system will also quickly identify serial “returners”.


Many clothing mail order companies also run retail outlets.  The Commerce Manager has an EPoS system that can run stand-alone of fully on-line with the mail order system.

For companies that like to phase an installation, we have also interfaced our mail order system to existing retail system.

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