It is absolutely essential when you are concerned with peoples’ religious beliefs that there are no mistakes about matching products and the customers’ religion.


Profiling your customers is essential so you can extract targeted mailing lists.  Capturing details about your customer including type coding their religion, can be compiled during sales order processing.  Lists can also be easily imported, type and source coded. The system will automatically track which items and category of items have been purchased between two dates. Other profiling options are to extract by geography or frequency of purchase.

Central Purchasing and Place of Worship Relationships

One of the key features for a system involved in dealing with religious organisations is the ability to handle head office / place of worship relationships.  This would include configuring the system to action where to ship, who to invoice and on what credit terms.  In some cases, even the layout of the paperwork needs to be customer specific.


Seasonal forecasting can ensure you have a suitable stock level to meet any festival or religious occasion.  The stock control module in the Commerce Manager will allow you to review and plot past sales for accurate stock purchasing.  Alternatively, you can track a seasonal campaign in sales order processing and have the system create a suggested sales forecast automatically.

Customers of religious items who have chosen the Commerce Manager include:

  • Kevin Mayhew
  • Lehmans
  • World Council of Churches


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