Trade publications or any items sold to the trade can have many special requirements.  Typically this could include different prices negotiated with different clients.  Customers may be multi-national which requires different VAT rules. Sales may require a subscription or standing order model. Often the customer would need to be a member of a club or institution to receive advantageous pricing or even to place orders.

Trade Discount Structures

The Commerce Manager not only allows multiple prices lists but also has a mathematical editor to define rules to automatically calculate a negotiated price based on a wide variety of parameters (margin, value, category of product, stock item etc.).  Special contract prices can also be configured.

Head Office / Branch Relationships

One of the key features for a system involved in B2B is the ability to handle head office / branch office relationships.  This would include configuring the system to action where to ship, who to invoice and on what credit terms.  In some cases, even the layout of the paperwork needs to be customer specific.


The Commerce Manager has an option for subscription sales.  The module includes a wide range of functionality including identifying customers who are coming to the end of their subscription, transferring to another subscription title and allowing the ability to purchase multiple issues or full subscription is order processing.

Trade and publication customers who have chosen the Commerce Manager include:

  • United Nations – ILO
  • United Nations – FAO
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – RICS
  • Royal Institution of British Architects – RIBA
  • World Advertising Research Council – WARC


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