There are two key areas where gift companies differ from others.

Gift Sales Order Processing

Entering a gift order used to be a lengthy process for a mail order company. For example; a customer on the same order may require different items to go to different shipment addresses by different shipment methods with different gift messages on different dates.

The Commerce Manager has considerably streamlined this process allow you to swiftly enter and order where you can specify each item line to different shipment address, different messages, different shipment methods and different shipment dates.

The system automatically calculates the correct shipment charge as well.

Standing orders can also be set up for regular shipment of gifts.


Using the personalisation facility, you can set up an unlimited matrix of choices including personalized printing options (e.g. tee-shirts with a personal message) and gift message templates.

Gift Certificates

The Commerce Manager will allow the purchase of personalised gift certificates of any monetary value.  Each certificate can be allocated to the gift recipient.  An encrypted number can be automatically generated to discourage fraud.

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