In addition to the core functionality of Trilogy Publishing Manager, there are a number of features available to those publishers that carry out their own sales and distribution, namely:

The system offers feature rich customer services and distribution management modules.

A flexible, multiple, level pricing structure to cater for different pricing for members, students, overseas sales, etc.

Catergorisation of titles by subject, category and sub-category.  These categories can be used for reporting and marketing. For example, when new titles are published all purchasers of similar titles can be mailed.

The system has the ability to import web orders and process them within customer services.

Contact lists can be imported complete with source codes, key words, etc.

An export facility exists to assist with the automatic export of changes to product data to a website.

The system caters for the management of consignment stock and sales.

Integrated credit card clearance via Commidea.

EDI and Teleordering.

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