Organizing field compliance programs for regular monitoring as well as spot checks for enforcement or “policing” purposes can be extremely complex to design. Typical difficulties in designing a schedule include optimizing the man-power,  geographic routes, inserting ad hoc events and seasonal variations.

For enforcement monitoring applications it is important to “weight” a random selection of inspections towards likely offenders, so that likely perpetrators have a higher chance of being randomly chosen to be inspected.

The plan and day-to-day monitoring, survey or sampling schedules are created in TAPS.  Either a paper round sheet is created or the data is transferred to the hand held PDA – HAND.

Field data, result data, observations or surveys are entered into the system. If laboratory data is required to be analyzed, sample details can be either sent either to an existing Laboratory Information Management System or alternatively Trilogy can provide you with a new LIMS. Data can then be transferred to a data warehouse for reporting and analysis purposes.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Creates an optimized plan, minimizing travel time for field staff
  • Assigns work to samplers or monitoring staff
  • Ensures compliance for collections
  • Random choice of sampling points weighted by a “risk” score
  • Calculates field staff workload. Estimates time to complete a round
  • Produces required paperwork, chain of custody, round instructions, bottle labels etc.
  • Missing samples or work is easily and quickly identified
  • Automatically pre-registers samples in the laboratory – either your own LIMS or a contract laboratory
  • Provides a full digital chain of custody
  • Translation tables for non-English languages


The system is available in two optional configurations:

  • Desktop 
    Affordable software running stand-alone on a PC
  • Enterprise
    Networked solution based on SQL Server or Oracle database


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