Fulfilment houses and multi-branded companies operate a number of businesses using the same staff and software.  This requires a number of special features to be available in the system.

Structure and Client Maintenance

Fulfilment companies generally prefer to structure their system with a separate database for each client or account. New clients can be quickly set up while redundant work can be simply deleted.  This provides total security of data.    Clients can even access their database remotely for entering new promotion and products. For sales staff, a rapid database login facility is provided dependent so the consumer can be dealt with swiftly.

Multi-brand businesses tend to have everything in one database and segment by brand.  The sales staff view products from the relevant brand which allows the distribution paperwork to be branded too.

Data Capture

Trilogy has an optional data capture feature. This will allow the sales staff to profile consumers.  For example, if you are fulfilling holiday brochures, it would be useful to capture when a holiday is planned and whether they prefer beach or adventure holidays.  The data capture questions can also be used as a script for sale staff.

Sales Order Processing

When you are running a sales operation for multiple companies, it can be difficult to keep track of all the products and special offers.  With the Commerce Manager, all the client promotion rules and the correct stock records for the brand or client are automatically applied when taking an order.


You can optionally install the PUMAR Business intelligence system to allow for any ad hoc report to be quickly and simply created.  This is an excellent service to provide your client that will increase their reliance on your services.  If you allow the clients to access their own database, they can run their own up-to-date reports without any labour requirements from yourself.

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