If you are selling health products, there are a number of special requirements in the Commerce Manager that have proved extremely useful.

Ingredients and Warnings

The product table has the facility to enter the ingredients that make up the final product.  This data can be printed out as a label or health sheet.

Warning and dosages can also be entered into system.

Evidence and Press Reports

The Commerce Manager will allow you to store evidence and press reports on the products.  This can be printed and used as marketing collateral.


In this highly competitive field, profiling and target marketing of your customers is essential.  The Commerce Manager can automatically capture and extract lists of people by their condition (if collected), what they have purchased or categories of purchased items in the past, amount spent with you, geography and a range of other specified criteria.

The binary scoring facility will allow you to grade your customers by the regularity of their purchasing so you can treat your good customers with special care and offer promotions to customers that have relapsed.

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