There are a few special requirements for business software, particular to companies selling automotive parts.


Handling automotive parts can prove complex.  Often there are multiple part numbers and multiple suppliers for a part.  Furthermore a single part can be suitable for multiple cars.  The Commerce Manager handles this issue with ease.  For different colours and sizes, the Commerce Manager will allow the creation of products in matrix by applying simple “Wizard” led steps.

Data Capture

It is advantageous to capture the make or year of the customers’ vehicle.  Using this information, you can target your marketing.


Automotive parts have a wide range of different sizes, shapes and weights.  Courier or postage charges can be set up for multiple couriers with multiple courier services.  The charges can be automatically calculated based on geography, weight, volume and value with as many break-points as you require.  In fact different freight rates can be applied to the same product but within different promotions.

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