Selling cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and Videos can have a number of additional requirements to selling other products.


Many companies selling media products establish clubs for their regular customers.  Club membership can include special offers and discount prices.  To ensure your good customers are treated well, the membership status is visible when entering an order.

Typically, media companies also operate a loyalty scheme where customers can redeem club points for goods.  The Commerce manager allows the management of club points and even allows reduced or increased points based on a promotion.


Some media companies also operate a rental service.  The Commerce Manager has an optional module to handle both a rental model as well as outright purchases.


The Commerce Manager has an option for subscription sales.  The module includes a wide range of functionality including identifying customers who are coming to the end of their subscription, transferring to another subscription title and allowing the ability to purchase multiple issues or full subscription is order processing.


If you produce your own tapes or CDs, the Commerce Manager has an optional Production module for organizing the production of the media.

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