If you personalise your products, or are involved in light custom production, then there are a number of features within the Commerce Manager that would be useful to you.

Data Capture

If you are personalising your products, the first stage in sales order processing is to collect the data associated with the supply.  For example, if you were selling signs, you would need to know the message on the sign or if you were selling football shirts you may require to know the badge, footballer’s name and sponsor’s name.

The Commerce Manager has an optional feature to configuration the questions and includes a text template for swift data capture.

Personalisation Management

Personalisation often requires a number of different options.  The Personalisation Manager allows you to configure as many options as you require.  Each option can have its own incremental price.


The data captured from the customer along with the personalisation information data can then be used as a production worksheet.  Tasks can be scheduled to show where in the production process the order resides

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